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Song of American Goldfinch

Common flight call is 'per-chik-or-ree', with emphasis on second syllable. Often described as sounding like po-ta-to-chip.

Also, high-pitched musical song.

ID Tip

Note the white feathers at the base of the tail. Females of the Lesser Goldfinch (found in the western amd southwestern United States) and American Goldfinch are very similar in appearance. However, the feathers at the base of the tail (called the undertail coverts) of the Lesser Goldfinch are yellow, not white.


American Goldfinch

american goldfinch
Male American Goldfinch in breeding plumage. Shown here feeding on a homemade suet mix. Photograph by Sam Crowe.


Female American Goldfinch. Photograph by Greg Lavaty. Winter and immature males look very similar.